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G 93 code
« on: August 24, 2021, 09:18:19 AM »
Attached is a file that i converted with a G93 converter program . It adds separate feed rates for the A axis, when i run it in Mach , the A axis runs at the file feed rate , not at a separate rate for "A" .Does something have to be changed in Mach 4  , for it to recognize G93 code??


Re: G 93 code
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2021, 09:49:04 AM »
... a stab in the dark here.... I notice that in your G code uses only the LF (line feed) character between blocks. There is no space character or CR (carriage return) between the numeric value for F and the following G code. This is normal for Linux text files but might be confusing the Mach4 G code parser. G93 requires a F code for EACH block and Mach4 might be considering all your G code moves as being in the same block.
Steve Stallings
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Re: G 93 code
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2021, 09:06:46 AM »
I found that in the motor tuning , with a new profile created for wrapping , you have to increase the feed rate and accel rate for the A axis and then the A axis will work much fasted. I ran the example file and it cut correctly and much faster, it did not affect the normal feed rate .

    Thanks for all the reply's