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troubleshooting hardware systems
« on: May 23, 2021, 04:19:22 PM »
Hello.  Newbie here.  At least to the mach system and DIY CNC.

Got a few questions involving troubleshooting issues with the machine itself.  For starters, I purchased a DIY milling machine ready to use.  I saw it run a program.( air cut)  My bad for not timing and checking program feed rates, i believe.  Machine was using a laptop and MACH2.  I found that it would only run at what I assume was a default rate of travel.  Slow...like 1 IPM.  never sped up after changing G code values.  I was told laptops don't work for this setup.  I will attest to the fact that the machine moved, but is this why the rate of travel was not accurate?  ( I now have a workstation to connect that will be using MACH3 for the time being. When I figure out the machine issues)

Recently the machine had issues when I powered up.  Spindle motor seemed like it was confused on which direction it wanted to run and blew the breaker.  3x.  then ran seemingly as before.  It also had some runaways on power up since.  It has also stopped functioning completely.  will not turn on or jog axis.  While probing for voltage I can hear the servos jump when touching with the meter leads.

Machine runs with a RS232 Cable.  Cable continuity checks good.  It seems that I have voltage across the points that should.  Although I have no idea what the value should actually be.  Seems correct considering the power supply to and values of product running through.

I CANNOT figure out how to trouble shoot the DB25 connection through the breakout board.  From the connection point I need to reverse engineer the pin outs to verify the settings in the MACH software.  I get no continuity/resistance from pins to the drive output lugs, for starters.  This leads me to believe the breakout board is garbage.  Thoughts/ ideas are appreciated!  Will any board replace in a straight up connection?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you for your time

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