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Mach4 losing Z Position
« on: April 18, 2021, 07:50:18 PM »
So here's the problem I'm having.   At random times during operations, Mach4  'loses' it's Z position and begins carving much deeper than it should be.  Last time was so bad I ended up having to replace some hardware that was torqued beyond repair in addition to the bit shattering.

Here's my hardware:

SmoothStepper ESS

StepperOnline Steppers:
Z- Nema24 with CL57Y Controllers (Closed Loop)
XY - Nema34 w/CL86Y Controllers (Closed Loop)

PC:   I5-3470T, 2.9Ghz 8GB Ram 240 GB SSD Hard Drive
Mach 4 Hobby, ESS Plugin v272
Fusion 360

All motion is via Ball Screws... 2Y, 1X, 1Z, and Linear Rails

Originally I was having this problem with a different set of Steppers/Controllers (Open Loop) so I spent the money and upgraded the setup to closed loop.. But the problem didnt go away...

Honestly, I'm stumped at this point, and tired of throwing money at the problem to try and fix it...   

I've replaced the following:
Steppers,  Stepper Controllers, All the Wiring (yes.. all of it)

I've attached a copy of the profile, along with one of the gcode files that's blowing up... :(
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Re: Mach4 losing Z Position
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Re: Mach4 losing Z Position
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Hello Gizmohd
It is hard to diagnose problems from a long way from the machine but if it is not a mechanical issue such as something loose like a motor coupler or a ball screw mount then my best guess would be that your stepper motor cable could be too close to your spindle motor cable and you are getting noise from the spindle motor cable into your stepper motor cable - this would cause this. Try running the cables as far apart as you can or use shielded cables for both your spindle motor and your z axis stepper motor cable. Earth them at one end only near your control box.
I hope this helps you.