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Two problems
« on: October 12, 2007, 03:35:19 PM »

I have finally figured out the tangential set-up - almost.  In tangential, my A-axis attempts to maintain perpendicular the the cut path.  Sort of, anyway.  My problem is that the entore A-axis motion is within 1 degree of motion so that it is at 0 degrees when moving X+, at 0.25 degrees when moving Y+, at 0.5 degrees when moving X-, and at 0.75 degrees when moving Y-.

So, it works, but I need to get it to increase from 1 degree to 360 degrees so that it is moving 90 degrees instead of 1/4 of a degree.  Anybody know where that setting is?


If I use screens that I have built using Screen4, when I run a part it will show what has been cut, but then the display resets at the end of each contour so that I can't tell where I have been.  That is, it only shows what has been cut while on a specific contour.  When finished, the display looks as if nothing has been cut.

However, if I go to "View" and pick the 1024 screens, then run the same part - now the display showing what has been cut does not reset.  So, what's been cut already stays posted and does not disappear when I go to the next contour.  When the part is completed, the entire display shows that it has been cut.

Anybody know what setting causes the cut path to reset or not?