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Author Topic: pretty green here... nightmare trying to get ESS setup with G540 and Mach3  (Read 1932 times)

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so... full disclosure "I KNOW NOTHINK".  Got a "turnkey" setup from automationtechnologies and really struggling.  also turnkey does NOT mean what I thought it did (apparently)!
EDIT: this is an ESS + Gecko G540 setup.  the drives are new nema 23 381oz motors.

so... if I load in the g540 xml file... all things seem configured (if I look in ports and pins) but I could not get to the ESS screen to update the IP.  So... created a new profile... setup the IP for the ESS... and on a wing and a prayer I have green light on g540, I can hear my motors are on... the emergency button seems to work... but obviously all the setup stuff that would have been loaded via that G540 xml file is not there.  Is there a way I can reconcile the two?  any help would be appreciated... and if you just want to slap me at this point I think that might help.

sometimes just writing something out... helps somehow.  I just found a thread that answers this question... (even tho I looked b4)... so going to try that. 
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well, I know you are all rivited to your seats wondering "what's next in the ongoing saga of mikev vs ESS"... well, I won't keep you waiting.  so, followed instruction from a thread over at cnczone.  In case anyone ends up wondering the sm... "second menu over and at the bottom of the list will be 'Reset Dev Sel..." so I loaded the gecko xml profile... went in and hit this button... restarted, and everything works.

at this point... idk if it's config issues or just how these motors are... but they sort of 'ramp up' as opposed to "jump to action" like my old drives.  I suppose I now need to look into tuning these motors?  any advice in that realm would be most appreciated.