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Author Topic: Huanyang 3kw, Mach4 mb2 ess connections  (Read 467 times)

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Huanyang 3kw, Mach4 mb2 ess connections
« on: January 22, 2021, 03:11:29 PM »
Hi Guys,
  I have been trying to get the spindle control right for my Huanyang vfd and MB2.. i previously had the MB2 wired to my nowforever 2.2 kw vfd, but now i am struggling with the spindle control.
  I have tried setting up Modbus, with a usb rs485 adaptor but cannot get it to work at all...First time i have used ModBus and i cant get it working...
 gone back to the analogue connections, made +10 > AH, ACM  > AL, VI > AO. Still no joy.

Any help or Advice?  Maybe K.Weerasak could help?
Re: Huanyang 3kw, Mach4 mb2 ess connections
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2021, 12:53:50 AM »
what model VFD?. Most of the early model Huanyang VFDs had a non standard MODBUS protocol,
there was a special plugin to allow the Mach3 Modbus module talk to and control them. I don't know
if there is a similar plugin for Mach4.

Most people get a MODBUS compliant VFD and be done with it.

There should be nothing stopping the analogue inputs from working though.

Can you get the VFD to turn on and off....not worrying about speed control here, just can you get the VFD to
start and stop?

If you put a 10k potentiometer between the 10V output and Vcom and the wiper on AV can you control the speed?
I mean there's no point in trying to get Mach to control the speed unless you can control it with a pot....that would suggest a VFD
programming error.

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