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Object trace - software limits for teach mode
« on: January 19, 2021, 04:24:32 AM »
Hello, I am industrial automation engineer and I came up to retrofit some metal spinning machine.
Something like this ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GV7ObR1JZJQ&ab_channel=DMSDesignCompanyInc. )
Everything will be controlled with mach3 software. It uses 2 axis for spinning and 3th axis for tool change.
Opetartor will use teach mode with joystick so mach3 remembers movements that will be used in automatic mode. Only thing that is problem for now is tracing the object (mold) on which the spinning will occur. I want to have some kind of limitation when using teach (jog-->gcode) so the operator cant hit the mold and make a crash. For me that would be some kind of object trace and after that when using teach mode (jog-->gcode) it will limit the machine to go further and make a crash. Is there some subprogram, software or metod I can use for that.
Thank you in advance, check the picture for reference how the machine and mold looks like. It is still in progress (there are no axis currenty attached to it). This current mold is for making urn, it is consisted of 2 parts.
Thank you in advance  ;)