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Mach4 Z axis half working
« on: January 02, 2021, 08:11:40 PM »
Hi guys
I have been using my CNC with Mach3 for two years without issues. It is a Shapeoko XXL frame with limit switches, an ESS controller and a Super PID for my router.
I bought a 5.5 watt laser, mounted it to my Z axis and purchased a License for Mach4 Hobby (Version, Build 4517) because of the Laser capabilities. I have the laser working fine it just needs a bit of tweaking.
I want to use Mach4 for my main software for carving as well.
A couple of my issues are:
1: I can't seem to home the machine more than once without it adding or subtracting to the machine zero coordinates. If I turn the machine on and home it, almost everything is fine. If I move the machine X Y and rehome it, everything is messed up. I have to shut the machine down and restart my controller and Mach4 and remember to just home the machine once.
2: I move the gantry and set my X Y to zero and I have a touch plate that is .06 inches thick. I can touch and have it back off 1" no problem so now X=0 Y=0 and Z=1.06. The issue is if move away from the zero coordinates and I hit go to work zero, my Z axis should retract in a positive but instead it goes negative towards my table. When I jog manually, everything moves in the right direction. X positive is left to right, Y positive is front to back and Z positive is moving away from the table.
Is there a script that can be changed?
Thanks in advance. I have about 40 hours into researching this and it's time to ask for help.