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Spindle Issues
« on: November 25, 2020, 12:22:11 PM »

I've got Mach 4 set up with the ESS Smoothstepper. 've got build 4517 and ESS build 260.
I created a new profile from the MachRouter with the wxRouter.set. I set everything up and encountered an issue with the VFD spindle.

If I try and start the spindle with the MDI or G Code using M3 it starts and then immediately stops. The green M3 button lights up. If I click the M3 button the green indicator goes out. If I then hit the M3 Button again the spindle starts at the correct speed as per the MDI M3 command entered.
Also if i start it with the MDI and change the spindle speed percent the spindle starts !!
Entering M3 or M5 then freezes the console.

I created another new profile and set up the ESS and just set up the spindle, it worked fine ? I then entered the rest of the inputs and outputs and it started the odd behaviour again.

I'm totally baffled as to why entering the rest of the settings would make the spindle behave in this manner, any ideas ???