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ShuttlePro Wheel time lag
« on: June 14, 2020, 05:52:12 PM »
Hello everyone.

I've been using ShuttlePro with Mach3 for many years and I never had a problem. Lately I decided to give a try to Mach4 again, since I have the license for many years and I was never able to set it up properly at the initial releases. So this time I have managed to setup Mach4 with ESS and everything is working fine, except the fact that the ShuttlePro wheel which I use a lot to jog all axis to place, has a significant time lag.
I do not really mind the starting delay, but the stoping delay after releasing the wheel, is very dangerous. Having gotten used with Mach3 and my other 2 LinuxCNC machines to have an instant stop after the release, I am kind of frustrated and it is the only reason that I am still using Mach3 instead.
I looked around in this forum and Googled a lot to see if it is a known issue, but I do not see anything.
So I though to ask, because maybe I am missing something or doing something wrong.
Has anyone else noticed this issue I have?

My set up is with a laptop (a fast enough one with windows 10) + ESS

If I don't find a solution I am thinking to retire Mach in general and get the hardware required to change this machine as well to LinuxCNC.
This is my oldest one and it was setup initially using Mach and I am stack with that hardware (ESS, Smothstepper compatible BOB from CNC4PC, etc.)
Re: ShuttlePro Wheel time lag
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2020, 06:58:05 PM »
if you have the shuttle wheel setup with a high increment value then it is possible for you to issue more incremental moves
than the machine cankeep up with and therefore it stores them up in a buffer. When you stop spinning the wheel the steps stored in the buffer complete
leading to a seeming 'after-run'. It is doing exactly as it should.

My VistaCNC pendant did exactly the same when I had set 1mm per step. It was possible for me to store up significant movement in the buffer
with the after-run that entails. Even when I reduced the max increment to 0.5mm if I spun the MPG vigorosly it was possible to build up stored incremental
moves in the buffer which is the root cause of after-run. When I set the maximum to 0.1mm per step, the machine goes as fast as I can spin the wheel without any
(noticable) after-run, if I go really REALLY crazy trying to spin the MPG I can cause a few mm's worth of after-run. Under normal operating I now no longer
get any after-run.

Another alternative is to use Velocity mode rather than Step mode. In Velocity mode the axis advances at a speed proportional to the MPG
pulse rate. When the MPG pulses stop then the axis stops. This means however that the distance jogged is not tied to the number of MPG pulses,
but rather its speed.

In Step mode the axis will move exactly the right distance, that is, if you jog 69 'clicks' then the axis will advance 69 x (prevailing increment value).
That's exactly what it should do and is by far my prefered mode. If I need to move the axis 10mm I spin the wheel exactly once, that is 100 'clicks'.


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Re: ShuttlePro Wheel time lag
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2020, 02:38:16 AM »
Craig thank you for your reply.

As you know ShuttlePro has 2 wheels, one internal on external. The internal one is MPG style step by step wheel and you set it up like an MPG. The outer wheel one the other hand is an analog spring loaded wheel. The more you go off center the faster the axis move. Once you release, it goes back to the center and stops.
My problem is not with the inner wheel, but the outer wheel where even at the slowest speed, there is a significant delay from the time you move the wheel and the motion starts/stops.
Looking at the log, I can see that the ShuttlePro reacts much earlier than the motion.
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Re: ShuttlePro Wheel time lag
« Reply #3 on: June 15, 2020, 09:16:55 PM »
 is Shuttle Pro work no problem with mach 4?
i read that Shuttle Pro V2 work good with mach 4 ,any advise?