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PoKeys Linear Scales
« on: May 14, 2020, 05:14:30 PM »
 I have a Bridgeport hobby CNC retrofit mill with linear scales on x and y running Mach 3  with Windows XP through two printer ports that I have been using for ten years. I have updated to Windows 10 and  purchased a PoKeys57CNC for motion control. My problem is with the scales.The PoKeys unit shows raw counts from the scales that react properly but I am unable to get Mach 3 to display them correctly. The DRO on the Settings screen bounces between negative and positive Values no matter what settings I place in the Counts/Unit configuration. PoKeys Support says I need to fix this through Mach 3 Brains. I have no experience with programming. Is anyone using scales with a Pokeys unit, or able to give step by step advice on setting up my scales? I am not trying to make a closed loop system here. I have checked with SmoothStepper and they say their device won’t work at this time but are working on a closed loop system for the future. Thanks in advance for any help.  David