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Author Topic: New Conversion of old Sherline Spectralight CNC 2 axis Lathe (x,y)  (Read 236 times)

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I purchased steppers and installed them, have Gecko 540, Gecko 540 and steppers and parallel card were communicating today. I sent it to to some pros, now the steppers are not engaging with the lead screw - so that is a new problem... so I sent an email.  I just received it back and this is the first time I have turned everything on.

I printed the manual and am getting ready to setup the profile for the steppers.  Before I do the initial setup, this will work on a 2 axis lathe correct?  It says Mach 3 can support 6 axis - but saw a manual for Mach Turn, but don't see a turn product for sale.  I'm a hobbyist - just wanting to control 2 axis and some simple stuff, like duplicating stair spindles for my miniature home in 1/12th scale.

The two items I am not sure of initially, is

1)  I am assuming there is some instruction in the manual to turn on the spindle for the lathe?
2) I am looking forward to finding how to incorporated an emergency stop not on the Gecko box, but on the machine itself to Mach 3 software...
3)  I am looking to set the maximum travel distance between centers of the x axis that is the same axis as the lathe's bed.

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