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Author Topic: Zaxis traveling in wrong direction for Z safe setting in code and G0 Z10...  (Read 294 times)

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Hi All

I am new on the forum and It seem I have reached the limits of my understanding on the topic.

I have 6040 cnc machine and recently I changed the controller to Gecko g540 running on Windows XP, the machine is running fine how ever I had to change the Z axis setup to Low Dir Active since save Z value generated with Vectric in the code was sending the Z axis downward (below stock) in stead of upwards (above stock). Problem solved I can use the code as intended.

How ever when I hooked up Z touch plate and try to use it with Z_TOUCH_PLATE_SCRIPT_REV11_N.TXT (thanks to Charlie Sarsfield) it is working but stays between 2-5mm above the stock or where the new zero should be. Going trough the forum I realized that It will be wise to use Mach3 ver .062 over .066
Reinstalled Mach3 to .062 kept the old settings, result was the same try to turn of Safe_Z Setup in Mach3 under Config only one I could find, I could not find one Config/logic as suggested in one topic. Wondering if I am missing something?

Also tied to run the script as M959.m1s with Code''M959'' as a command for the auto zero button but it didn't work most likely I do not know how to setup this correctly. I did rename the .txt file to .m1s and typed Code''M959'' in the script for the button  :-\

Then I tied to use Fred's Auto Zero2_N.txt and it sending the Z axis 10mm below the new Zero, same problem as the Safe Z in the code generated with Vectric. Maybe the issue is related to something that I am currently unable to see/understand. Further more after the script have finished it seem like I am still referencing from the top of the table and G0 Z10 is trying to climb above the physical limit of the axis or the machine Z 0 where I am staring from. This looks logical since new zero reference is not in effect for some reason? and in same time makes no sense since the same command in the script is sending the z axis 10mm downwards, and yes the coordinates do change both for work table and machine under offsets tab.

I did not had a zero touch plate with the old controller. Files attached below.

Hopefully some one would be able to point me in the right direction.

Hi All

I just want to give you update on my problem, it seems the problem was my Z axis calibration was off took 5-6 attempts to get it right to 10mm movement on the setup screen and it end up around 400 steps per unit if I am not mistaken I am not sure where can I see the exact number again to confirm it and didn't took a screen shot. :(
While my bit is slight above the work piece (more then a piece of paper), I don't have digital calipers to check again, once I get a set will post an update. I am how ever still curios why the scripts work so differently with my setup.

And I used the script in the attachment (apologies I am not sure where I got that one from to give a proper credit) this one was behaving the same as the very first one, and  was setting the bit 5mm above the stock before the calibration.

Many thanks to Smoky Mountain Fabrication https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QybY4DFFzkM on how to calibrate your axes.

Apologies for the spelling mistakes English is not my first language.

Hi All

I borrowed digital calipers from a friend, carbon (plastic ones) quite cheap. So the readings ware not accurate a bit of pressure on the calipers and the reading was moving .4 of a mill. How ever I did calibrate the Z axis again with my analog calipers and the machine is stopping above the stock some where between a single piece of paper but less then two pieces of paper.

Considering that I don't have a flattened sacrificial table and the stock my not be flat, it might be spot on once I a flatten a sacrificial table and have flat stock at least on the bottom side.

In mean while I spoke with some one who is an expert, I might have a problem with the coupling if the the problem is persistent. I check the coupling the set screws are tight. would be nice if any one could point out any other mechanical issue that might be present just so I can rule that out of the equation.

Thanks in advance