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Author Topic: Can you install a new BOB on machine after Mach3 has been installed?  (Read 548 times)

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Hello Forum,

I have a post on the forum where I was trying to trouble shoot a BOB and limit switch issue  (actually they are NO proximity switched wired in parallel). I have decided it would probably be better if I just bought a new PoKeys57CNC BOB and wire it into my "Industrial Brand" CNC router because the 57CNC BOB has real documentation and it has more inputs and outputs available than my existing BOB that has NO Documentation and only 3 inputs that I can see (Limit Switch, E-stop and one labeled H ???) .

My question to the forum is, can I install a new BOB and use the Pokeys57CNC plug in with my existing copy of Mach3 or do I have to completely reinstall Mach3? The instructions that came with the router says you have to place an .XML file into the Mach3 folder in order for the Mach3 to work with the router. I can see some .XML files in the Mach3 folder on my computer but there is not just one? 

Anyone gone through this process before? What is a .XML file? Some kind of profile file?   Thanks, BSA-LLC