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Author Topic: Z axis plunging to machine coordinates instead of work cooridinates.  (Read 285 times)

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I've been running for the past few weeks with no issue. Now all of the sudden, the same code that worked fine now plunges to machine coordinates at the end of the run when it hits the line of code  "Z-.25" instead of going to the work coordinates. Also I had an issue where it was ignoring my model top height setting and just using the stock top. I did clear that up by restarting my ethernet smooth stepper. Could it be causing the other issue of plunging to machine coordinates?

Taig Micro Mill. 1/4-20" lead screw. Powered by 1.25hp router with a 4:1 pulley reduction. Driven by Ethernet SmoothStepper to a Gecko 6540. Nema 23 motors. 3 Axis.