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« on: December 01, 2019, 10:02:07 AM »
I have a dyna myte DM-3000 Converted to run on Mach 4  .I am using a CNC4PC M-16 with a Pokeys57E .I am attempting to use a Lichuan AC Servo motor to drive my spindle and a Lichuan B-2 drive to power the 1.8 kw servo motor . I have changed all the pulleys so the spindle moves 1;1 of the drive motor . The Lichuan motor drives an idler shaft that drives the spindle shaft all have the same pulleys .The main spindle drives an encoder at 1;1 . I cant get the machine to thread it stops on the second line of G76 code .With no error message .I can call out a spindle speed and direction and the machine will run at programmed speed and direction  .Mach 4 will show the programmed speed . I have triple checked all my connections and settings and cant figure out whats wrong . Can someone help me figure this out . Thank you for your help.