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Re: S curve
« Reply #10 on: November 22, 2019, 04:16:26 AM »
thanks a lot for yours details answer
i build my machines  in china  ,actually i use my large experience with the Europa famous brand and try improve the chines machine ,one of the thing is that use mach4 instead of there controller
most of points we real can reach our target to build good machines
but with the accl dcll in working (G1,G2,g3) i cant reach the europe brand numbers
i use good and high power servo motors (850w) with good reducer from japan
i can tell you about numbers
we run max speed 72000 mm/min    (G0)
working speed around 15000 mm/min (G1,G2,G3)
the problem is the accl  dccl
when i just move  on G0  i can use same as europe brands  3000 mm/sec^2
BUT in G1 i cant more then 200 (if i try more i get vibration on start ,end point) while europe machines use 2000
i add now in Gcode  2 m code  ,one set to 3000
second set to 200
and in my pp each time when movement its G0 we put the correct   also when G1
but as i told you the number 200 its much less then i see in Europe brands
the only thing i can think about its ,its the s curve (all Europe brand have that option)
i want to make some test by hand change the gcode file ,if its work then ill do it in my pp
what do you think is the best:
change the acc /dccl nears corner  ,or change the speed?
do you think change 3 times the speed or accl dccl is enough for test?

Re: S curve
« Reply #11 on: November 22, 2019, 12:43:21 PM »
Given that information, I think you really do have a strong case for needing S curve path planning.  When we design industrial servo motion systems at work, S curve is employed when motion smoothness and vibration suppression are of concern. Given the exact same move, the S curve will be slower than a trapezoidal, so by itself it does not give you faster motion. However you stated you are limiting the speed to keep vibration in check, which is exactly when S curve profiles would help.

Separately, you may be experiencing higher vibration due to mechanical differences between your equipment and your European competitors. S curve path planning certainly could help, but it is not a replacement for stiffer mechanics.

Unfortunately, I don't feel like I have the expertise to provide advice on modifying you Gcode/Post Processor.