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Author Topic: Why does 4th axis DRO count up on "Run from Here"? AKA the ?3D extruder G92 A0  (Read 402 times)

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I'm running G-Code for a 3D printer and there are multiple G92 A0 commands written in the code to reset Extruder position.  G92 A0 does work as expected when runing the program However, when I stop or pause & jog machine and try to resume or do a "run from here", prep move cause A axis to do weird things (i.e. start counting up/DRO is actually showing incremental numbers whereas XYZ do not.

I have tried substituting a G92.1 A0 command in the GCode and this does prevent the A axis from counting up and does leave the A axis ready to perform as expected upon RUN.  BUT then every subsequent G92.1 A0 command causes the extruder to physically wind back to 0 instead of just setting the DRO to Zero.

Haa anyone else figured out a way to deal with this issue?

Thanks in advance for any replies!!!