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Author Topic: Mach 4 industrial Fanuc cycles G71 - G76?  (Read 89 times)

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Mach 4 industrial Fanuc cycles G71 - G76?
« on: October 04, 2019, 10:19:01 AM »
Hello everybody, I would like to make a short presentation of mine.
My name is Tom, I am 35 years old and own 2 Storebro lathes, which I run privately. I bought both machines from bankruptcy at a very reasonable price.
Both CNC lathes are very simple. 2 axes (X, Z), hydraulic jaw chuck, hydraulic tailstock, gearbox with two stages, eight-fold tool changer.

One of these machines has a FANUC 6TB CNC control. At this time (about 1980 - 1985) the companies FANUC and SIEMENS cooperated. The CNC controller is FANUC, servos and drives are from Siemens. Both machines work well and are in good condition, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy electronics parts.

I would like to convert the machine with FANUC controller to new drives and a new CNC control.
I've been searching for a usable and affordable controller for many hours. There are many possibilities ...... Siemens 820D, FANUC, Centroid, Chinese controllers and so on .......
After careful consideration, the benefits of MACH 4 industrial outweigh.

Now, however, to my actual question:
I looked at the G-code list of MACH 4 and regrettably found out that G71-G76 cycles (FANUC standard) are not listed. Is this really true? I almost can not believe it .......
I do not want to buy an additional CAM system additionally, because changing the G-code directly in front of the machine is much faster than with a CAM system.
In addition, the programming of a component using the G71-G76 cycles is much easier and clearer.
It's amazing how fast you can program a component on a very old FANUC 6 controller.

Please forgive me spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. My English is not very good and I use Google translater ......  8)

Thank you for your valuable time.

Tom  :)