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Author Topic: Mach3 stops in the middle of a job, DRO and toolpath still running  (Read 97 times)

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I have the latest version of Mach3, fully licensed and legal. It is running on an older XP box from the parallel port on the motherboard. It has worked for 4 years and the motors and limit switches all work.

After cutting a simple profile cut on the second or third part (`10-15mins) the job will just stop moving the stepper motors without generating an error, but the DRO and toolpath will continue working as if nothing happened. I hit the estop manually and reset it but jogging it doesn't work, although it updates on the DRO and toolpath window.

The spindle keeps spinning, the DRO shows movement but the motors don't move. A reboot fixes it until it has been running for several minutes. I am not pushing it very hard, and it is a simple profile cut program of only a few hundred lines at most. It seems to happen in the first hundred lines.

I have reinstalled Mach3, removed or disabled every unnecessary program I can find, reset the wiring connections and checked the connections. I am running out of ideas. Please help.

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Re: Mach3 stops in the middle of a job, DRO and toolpath still running
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It could be the power supply for the motors that is shutting down due to heat of a fault.
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