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Author Topic: MAch4 ESS with Laser Raster images don't return to 0,0 and laser on during jog  (Read 3179 times)

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Hi All,

I posted this in the ESS forums and didn't get any feedback either way. I'm looking mostly to determine if this is my configuration or an issue that needs resolved.  For starters MAch4 version is  ESS plugin is, AVID/CNCRouterparts 48x48 Nema-34, Windows 7, Jtech Laser Driver using only the PWM signal.

The default configuration file from AVID for Mach4 did have some issues.  For Mill work it was fine but when using the laser for a raster image the slave axis was going the wrong way and the X axis was backwards making images engrave the wrong direction.  I think those are all worked out with the help of Andy at Warp9.

I still have two issues though.

First, If I engrave an image that is say 4"x4" and start in the lower left.  The CNC is at 0,0 when started the image will engrave towards the right and up which is in the positive direction and correct per the ESS log but when the engraving completes with the laser at 0,4 it will move an additional 4" up and end up at 8,0 but Mach4 says 0,0 on the screen.  The Y axis moves the right distance to return to 0 but in the wrong direction.

The second issue is that after engraving an image using the scripts supplied by Warp9's examples I can jog and move with no laser but s soon as I perform a G00 or G01 or something like go to X/Y zero which does a G00 the laser will fire at full speed for any future movement until I hit "Stop" in Mach4.  It only does this after an implicit move G-code is issued and I haven't been abel to come up with the right code to add to teho laser imaging script to stop it.  This issue happens in vector mode as well.  The last command was a G63p# to shut the laser off but another G00 will turn it back on.  Frustrating to have an image come out nice and then forget to physically turn off the laser, do a move, and ruin the work.

If anyone has any idea or questions to help clear up what I'm trying to explain please let me know.

Carey Lee
.  I was however able to resolve one of the issues.  The laser on full power after a motion command.  The profile from AVID CNC by default had the X-Y Velocity PWM turned on.  So with any movement PWM signal would come out of the ESS.  Turning this off resolved that issue even though I am not using P3-16.  See attached screenshot


I’m down to just the one issue of engraving a raster image does not return to 0.

The best way to describe it is that after the raster is done the Y axis will always got up after it’s done.  I thought about my axis being flipped wrong but it doesn’t matter how I engrave the image lower left, upper left, lower right or upper right when done the Y axis goes up by the exact dimension of the image.

I also have noticed that the setting for flipping the image on the Y axis doesn’t work.  It is always set/checked in the GUI and when looking at the diagnostics it is always a -1 while all other items are what one would expect either 0/off or 1/on.  I’m unable to get the flip_Y to do anything and this could be related to my issue as it’s the Y axis that moves in the wrong direction.  See attached reg screenshot