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Author Topic: Your thoughts on best tuning technique for servo's (mostly software question)?  (Read 2904 times)

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Just hoping to get different thoughts on tuning servos, me personally I use CNC TekniX drives and I think they're great (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie oi oi oi).
I've tuned a few in the past and it's taken me a while to get them spot on, but hey that's just me.....
I'm hoping to get thoughts on the best technique for tuning them.
e.g Most people understand the theoretical principle of tuning a servo motor (me included), to tune the motor it needs to move (duh), but you need to set velocity and accell/decelll in Mach so the motor can move.
For me it seems that as soon as I adjust either the drive (power, integral, derivative) or the software it obviously has a direct effect on the other.
So mostly I'm curious to know what people techniques are for getting the correct drive tuning, and also setting the optimum settings in Mach.

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