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Author Topic: How to add the plasma screen configuration panel to a Mach4 screen set  (Read 969 times)

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    I have created a screenset for a custom laser hardfacing machine. I need to use the THC function to manually adjust the laser height (Z) during program run. I have looked at as much documentation as I could find. I understand about motor coupling and that I need to use the "plasma screen configuration panel" to actually make it work. I can't find any docs on how to get the configuration panel into my screenset.

Any help will be greatly appreciated !!


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You do not have to use any of the plasma screen tabs. THC is 100% configurable by entering values directly into the thc registers (which are created by the THC module if they do not already exist).
Anyone can do their own custom plasma screen and just link any relevant screen entities to the appropriate registers.
But, if you want to get any group from any screen into your screen......

Open the screen that has the stuff you want to add in screen edit mode. In the tree right click the group you want to add to your screen and choose export. Save it to a location you can get to later.

Open your screen in screen edit mode. In the tree right click the group you want to add to and choose import. Browse to the file you exported earlier that you want to add.

To get the plasma screen configuration......

Go to C:\Mach4Hobby\Profiles\Mach4_Plasma\ConfigTools. Copy the ConfigTools folder and put a copy in your profile's folder.

Make sure you add the script to your screen load script to load the THC module..........

Code: [Select]
--THC module
package.loaded.mcTHC = nil
mcTHC = require "mcTHC"

Best practice to backup everything (screens, profile, etc.) before you start modifying.
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You can also export the plasma configuration tab and import it into your screen set.  Right click on the tab element in the screen tree and click export.  :)