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Author Topic: Pin numbers for C76 multi-function board's port 1 output pin numbers.  (Read 157 times)

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I can't find the port 1 output pin numbers for the C76 anywhere in the documents or websites or youtube and they're not on the board. In part with the three relays, How can I program the relays on the C76 without knowing there pin numbers? Don't tell me C76-multifunction CNC board User's manual. I read the C76-multifunction CNC board User's manual like six hundred times. Lame document! Along with all the other documents concerning The C76 and Mach4. I've even read other component manuals to find the information I need. But, I can't find it, Help, please.
it seems to me that the C76 is giving you grief, and by the frequency of your posts and the time over which you have
made them makes me think you've bought a dog.

If I understand CNC4PC have tried to help but you still have not go it it to work?
Quite frankly, if even with manufacturers support, you cant get it to work then it is too complicated.
CNC4PC make a range of products and if the C76 doesn't work for you why don't you swap it for two or three C10's
which are really simple and only $23.00 each?

The UC300 is a good external controller......and is by necessity reasonably complicated, but here you have a breakout board
which is worse!!!!

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He is an image of the pins I am using for a c82 board port 1 the boards look real close as for inputs and outputs...