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Z axis zero
« on: May 10, 2019, 10:57:50 AM »
I can zero probe and touch plate. When I'm cutting the bit cuts in the air about same hight as touce plate.
I have set . With alt5 I have saved the gage block hight to +9.96 mm. Surely when I cut the z axis must go to -9.96 to zero on material.
Can someone please tell me where to program the vb script to insure mm and how to get the z axis down to material
I found the discussions on the forum to be long to page and read every post.
The code I'm using is:

PlateThickness = GetUserDRO(1151) 'Z-plate thickness DRO

If GetOemLed (825)=0 Then 'Check to see if the probe is already grounded or faulty
DoOEMButton (1010) 'zero the Z axis so the probe move will start from here

Code "G31Z-10 F50" 'probing move, can set the feed rate here as well as how far to move
While IsMoving() 'wait while it happens
ZProbePos = GetVar(2002) 'get the exact point the probe was hit
Code "G0 Z" &ZProbePos 'go back to that point, always a very small amount of overrun
While IsMoving ()
Call SetDro (2, PlateThickness) 'set the Z axis DRO to whatever is set as plate thickness
Code "G4 P0.25" 'Pause for Dro to update.
Code "G0 Z5" 'put the Z retract height you want here
Code "(Z axis is now zeroed)" 'puts this message in the status bar
Code "(Z-Plate is grounded, check connection and try again)" 'this goes in the status bar if aplicable
End If


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Re: Z axis zero
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2019, 02:27:58 AM »
after you do you probe z-axis dro must Show +9.96mm,
otherwise your PlateThickness is not stored in UserDRO(1151)

btw where (Screen) do you set your PlateThickness?
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