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Author Topic: How to understand Spindle readings? I am confused..  (Read 752 times)

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Re: How to understand Spindle readings? I am confused..
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Thank you Reuelt

I will get a choke I do not have one on hand.  I am using 24awg twisted pair I did not realize one was necessary. 

That being said I have read the voltages with a Keysight Multimeter and get 9.997v at the peak, 18mV at 0 both measured at DYN4 motor controller.   The odd thing appears to be the slope of the curve.  There seems to be a difference between expected "voltage-rpm" points and actual, I will create a table when I get more time.
I get a deviation of as much as +/- 30% between programmed speed and true rpms.  '+' error at high rpm, '-' error at low RPM

The folks at Artsoft say that what I am seeing is normal, Mach4 uses true rpms for thread cutting and I will be able to cut threads.