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Author Topic: After 7 years of perfect operation - "External eStop requested" has me shut down  (Read 1128 times)

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Hi Folks - I know this external estop requested error seems to be pretty common because I've seen a million posts online about it, but none of the solutions I've seen have helped.

I have a homemade Solsylva designed CNC with Mach3, a Gecko G540, and Nema 23 steppers with a small dewalt Palm router.

When I run a program or just freely move the spindle, the system shuts down after 10-15 seconds and gives me an external estop requested error.  I've noticed that it seems to happen mostly (only?) when the bit is cutting under load.  If I drive the jog the router around the bed even while turned on, but under no load, it doesn't seem to activate the error.  When I do get the error, I cannot just reset it, but I need to cut power to the steppers/G540 and then turn them back on.  At this point I can hit reset and then drive for another 10 seconds or so.....

I've already send the G540 back to Geckodrive and it checked out fine.  I also replaced the power supply (because I was told that would be the second most likely cause) and that did nothing.

Any suggestions?  I honestly don't know much about electronics (I had Camtronics built the box with the 540 and estop and do all the wiring).  What I know is that this setup has run perfectly for years and I haven't changed anything.  Any recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated as I was counting on my CNC to make some Christmas presents.  Thanks!

sounds like electrical noise from your spindle.

Is it a router type? Have you ever changed the brushes? If not, when it comes under load the commutator will be sparking a lot
more than it should be....and producing electrical noise.

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Hi Craig - That made a lot of sense to me, and I happened to have a new identical router that I recently purchased so I switched them out, but unfortunately I got the same failure after a few seconds.  I appreciate the suggestion - hopefully there are more out there!  Thanks  :(