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Author Topic: Mach 3 with Longs Motors DM542A 4 axis  (Read 369 times)

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Mach 3 with Longs Motors DM542A 4 axis
« on: December 08, 2018, 01:30:23 PM »
So it took me a quite a time to get a new mill Optimill MB4 and 4 axis DM542A controller Stepper for it and put it together.
I built it entirely from scratch and used reusable materials i could get.
I am running windows vista OS system in laptop with Parallel Port cable.
Main problems are right now, When SW 4 switch is OFF positsion in idle it should use less power and no torque at all.
Right now it has massive torque and cant even turn it when power is on.
Second thing program is showing that the Axis are moving but so little bit at a time, i made a video to show you aswell.
All configuration should be correct according to other threads I looked from here.

Video to youtube

<img src="https://www.upload.ee/thumb/9281100/48059102_763001510704079_2420725180994158592_n.jpg" border="0" alt="48059102_763001510704079_2420725180994158592_n.jpg" />
<img src="https://www.upload.ee/thumb/9281111/47682370_265160774156724_6019973642660610048_n.jpg" border="0" alt="47682370_265160774156724_6019973642660610048_n.jpg" />
<img src="https://www.upload.ee/thumb/9281114/47680030_1992719524361709_7049730590618157056_n.jpg" border="0" alt="47680030_1992719524361709_7049730590618157056_n.jpg" />
<img src="https://www.upload.ee/thumb/9281119/48365627_1933850026923017_1734519046386221056_n.jpg" border="0" alt="48365627_1933850026923017_1734519046386221056_n.jpg" />
<img src="https://www.upload.ee/thumb/9281125/48366597_498520267306537_1476729268124778496_n.jpg" border="0" alt="48366597_498520267306537_1476729268124778496_n.jpg" />