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X axis moving as Z axis
« on: November 28, 2018, 01:28:10 AM »
Ok so super weird thing going on and I've spent several hours trying to figure it out.

I'm using a HF mini lathe that I converted into a cnc. I've been playing on it and playing with it cutting acrylic. Well I've been running small sets G-code, so I never really paid too much attention. 

I exported a part from fusion 360 to my computer with mach. I load the G-code and start the cycle. On the regen window everything looks like it should tool path wise. But the Z axis is suppose to move first, and I noticed the X axis was moving( when the Z axis was moving in the regen window). However when I jog, the axes are correct.

My initial thought was it had to do with the post processor. But if the regen tool path is correct, and runs correctly in that window, then it shouldn't be the post processor.

I tried messing with the homing and pins setting but it's not a matter or it moving in a positive or negative direction. The axis are just moving when it's not suppose to.

In fusion 360 I realized that the turning axis is the Z axis. When on the lathe it's technically the X axis turning. So I thought that might be the issue, if it was, then technically I would need to use X and Y axis. There is no Y axis code generated in PP and no option to replace the Z axis with a Y axis in mach3 turn. So I assume that is not the current issue.

Any idea? Not having a search really sucks.
Re: X axis moving as Z axis
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2018, 03:10:09 PM »
So I figured it out. Tis is for you guys searching whenever that function comes back.

Z is the turning axis in the g code. So the Z axis needs to be the axis that goes left and right on your machine. The X axis is the axis that travels front to back.

When I set the machine up, in my head, I was telling myself the X axis is the one that moves side to side, and the Z moved front to back.

To fix the issue all I had to do was swap my wiring on my break outboard.