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Brains timer how to?
« on: November 17, 2018, 08:56:57 PM »
Hello All
I am working with a brain on a mill.

First the setup:
The purpose is to force the user to press an external button for two (2) seconds before an output (for testing - an UserLED) is switched on.
If the UserLED is already on, then the button press is ignored via a preceding AND operation between button input and the USERLED.

For testing, I have a macro pump running that turns off the USerLED after 10 sec. This simulates the approximate duration of the action that, later on, is to take place when the button is pressed.

Here's the problem:
The first time the button is pressed the delay is 2 seconds as it is supposed to be.  On subsequent button presses, however, the output immediately activates immediately.

Attached section of the brain in question.

Any help, would be appreciated!