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Author Topic: mach4 installer resets grafikcard settings  (Read 275 times)

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mach4 installer resets grafikcard settings
« on: November 05, 2018, 01:44:12 AM »

last days I worked on optimizing setup of my windows box.
Normally I work on linux, where I have two monitors in portrait orientation - which works fine so far.
My windows box has the same grafik card and as I have a dual view switcher, I installed the driver of the grafik card and set it up to use both monitors with turned sizes.
Works fine so far and setup is stable between multiple reboots.

Then I installed mach4 and after next reboot, the grafik card settings have been reset.
I tought: ok, may be a quirk - and changed the grafik card settings to my need again.
But after starting mach4 I had to realize, that mach4 does not respect the desktop size. There's no way to resize app window beyond the limits of a single monitor. I can move mach4 between the monitors, but it always jumps to max limits of a single monitor.

To proove, that its not a windows malfunction, I checked the same with another 3rd party software - lego mindstorm.
That app is able to resize to both monitors as well as to a size occupying parts of both monitors.

Cheers Reinhard