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Author Topic: HELP!! Anti-dive system Problem Plasma.  (Read 953 times)

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HELP!! Anti-dive system Problem Plasma.
« on: September 26, 2018, 06:51:55 AM »
Plasma cutting machine. Do not understand the system of anti-dive. The machine is controlled by Mach 3 . All settings are made correctly. There is a THC Autonomous system. (XPTHC-100III).
 I put the system anti down = enable automatic altitude maintenance.
 My problem is that at the beginning of the cut too long does not turn on the anti-dive system. The delay can be about 1 second. (this is almost 50 mm). (800 mm / sec2). Which entails poor quality of the beginning of the cut.
The algorithm of the machine: 1) included THC . the burner goes down 2) the arc is ignited. 3) Delay " pierce delay "4) command is given on CNC" torch on " 5) metal cutting begins. Overclocking to 60 % on anti down is about 0.2 seconds. But the anti-down relay (output 6) is triggered after 1 sec. This is bad. What am I to do? At the same time on the corners of the relay works as it should. In addition , I had to make a Segal on the relay active lo, as the anti-dive system works in reverse mode. When it should be turned off, it has the status "on" . Maybe in Mach 3 is there somewhere else or settings to work with the anti dive system? Maybe someone had similar problems?

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Re: HELP!! Anti-dive system Problem Plasma.
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2018, 07:37:15 AM »
Hi Vitamin,

Plasma is not my thing so I have no suggestions but I am sorry you have not had a reply from other members here who may know the answer.
Perhaps they may now come to your assistance  ;)