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Excellon to G-Code converter
« on: September 22, 2018, 08:11:32 AM »
Since I'm using Protel for all my PCB design (from DOS versions up to 99SE) I needed a way to extract coordinates of pads for drilling to be able to drill my boards on small CNC router.
First versions were written in Quick Basic, but nowadays these programs do not work under 64-bit OS-es.
So, I rolled up the sleeves and wrote this one (links attached).

For converter to generate correct G-Code files, you have to follow following:
Excellon files must be in format - imperial 2:3 or metric 3:2 WITHOUT zero suppression (leading or trailing)

http://zastos.com/ConverterSetupC.exe - Creates folders C:\ProtelConverter and C:\ProtelConverter\Converted
http://zastos.com/ConverterSetupD.exe - Creates folders D:\ProtelConverter and D:\ProtelConverter\Converted

Output files are named Drillxx.tap and number of files depends on number of drills defined in Excellon file, and are located in ..\Converted subfolder

Converter maintains its own .ini file where relevant parameters are read from / saved to.

If anybody finds any nuances, let me know.

Of course, Converter is free for any kind of use.

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