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Torch hight controller
« on: September 15, 2018, 08:04:26 PM »
Is there a way I can just use the torch digital input. Keep the setting for pierce height cut height. No THC.  Up down inputs .needed ..Reason I have a THC unit that connects directly between the motor driver and the controller for step direction
The unit controls the THC z motor directly and sends an arch ok to the controller.   Will this work with the hicon controller
This is an intergraded unit and will respond way faster cutting things like diamond plate
 The arch up down THC is just not cutting it its way too hard to get right it can’t clime a slope like corrugated meal if I set the max height to high things will happen lift the torch to high the slider is way too fast or to slow   I think an intergraded unit not relying on Mach 4 to do the thc would be better   Thanks Jeff c 
Re: Torch hight controller
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2018, 10:22:38 AM »

The THC slider sensitivity was fixed in a recent profile update. If you don't want torch height control you can turn off THC mode and use the M3/M5 scripts to turn on/off the plasma. It should also be possible to map the THC up/down to some inputs that will not receive any data. In other words, don't connect them to the THC, then the torch height motion won't happen while in THC mode. This will not work though if your material is uneven and it has to move up/down. The Proma THC150 works directly with the HiCON Integra controller to control the up/down motion of the Z axis height while in THC mode. Mach4 is not controlling the height. 
Re: Torch hight controller
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2018, 12:15:26 PM »
Ok that answers the question   I can remove the proma. up down inputs  and the digital in put still does it thing with the screen settings .
What I have is a THC unit that does step direction connect would be between the hicon and the z motor driver. Once it sees arch voltage from the plasma it sends arch ok so what should happen digital in put on the z will move to the settings on the screen fire the torch.
My THC will then go active send arch ok and take control of torch height control.  after cut the hicon has control over the z motor
I guess I’ll have to try this.   The proma is what it is it lacks in speed due to its mechanical design relays telling the torch to move up and down
Try cutting corrugated metal with it lacks speed   as most the do with up down input I’m sure the hicon does the reaction in real time .for its THC.   This is why an integrated THC is much better also the proma lacks adjustments it is what it is
I also have another THC with up down I’m going to try also. 
My final choice would be to install the neuron unit with the hicon 
I really like the hicon it’s a good controller works well