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Author Topic: DRO working differently on two different MACH3 profiles & config problem  (Read 3669 times)

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I have a DMC1750 with ICM1900 connected to three axes with servo motors and encoders. High and low limit switches on all axes. Windows 2000 OS, licensed Mach 3 Version R3.043.066, Galil-ST plugin ver 4.6. All connections to ICM1900 verified, and correctly mapped into Mach3 and tested using diagnostics screen.

I am adding a 4th axis and rewired my controller. The result of rewiring is I now have a servo motor reversed on the X axis, but this was worked out in Galil SmartTerm. When I click on the yellow config button in Config plugins, I get an error message "timed out waiting for a response" or something like that. Mach 3 screen locks up and must be closed. The only way I can change my motor configuration is to create a new profile, which I have done and have it configured and all 3 axes moving, limits working, and DROs working accurately while motors are being driven or jogged. The 4th axis is not enabled yet. However when I click Reset and move the stage manually the DRO does not change (same on all 3 axes). I also cannot config the Galil ST ver 4.6 plugin a second time without creating another new profile.

When I load my old profile, I can move the stages and the DROs follow the movement accurately, which they did for years before the changes. Of course I cannot Reset since my X-axis motor takes off, being reversed from what it was previously. I have checked every config screen I can find, and they are identical between the two profiles. Of course I cannot check my galil ST plugin configuration on the original profile. Since the old profile works as before regarding the DROs, I do not believe it to be a wiring issue.

Two questions, how do I get the new profile DRO to follow the motor encoders when manually moving with reset activated. Second question how do I fix the Galil config problem.

Re: DRO working differently on two different MACH3 profiles & config problem
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I found the solution to one problem. I had both Galil.dll (ver 4.4 of plugin) and Galil-st.dll (ver 4.6) in my plugins directory. For some reason this causes the 4.6 plugin to operate open loop (not read encoders for DRO). I removed the Galil.dll from the plugins directory and now it does read encoders correctly.

I still cannot config a second time, without creating a new profile.