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Author Topic: New 6040 machine, steppers energize but cant be controlled.  (Read 1002 times)

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New 6040 machine, steppers energize but cant be controlled.
« on: August 31, 2018, 10:59:31 PM »
This is probably a common enough incident.  I bought a 6040Z cnc router on ebay.  It came with a link to download the Mach3 software and machine-specific plugins and other parameters and instructions.  It turns out that the Mach3 was a cracked version and, of course, I couldn't get the machine to work.  I uninstalled the software at Tweakies request and installed the Demo version. 
 I read the article in the Knowledge Base titled 3020/6040 tabletop CNC USB Motion Controller Setup, and yes, I'm a victim of that little scam.  Now I'm trying to correct this fiasco.
  So, let me list what I'm working with, and, if someone could, give me some recommendations.
     CNC 6040Z 4 axis with tool zero touch probe.  No other name, but it has an eagle
         printed on the gantry
      Y00CNC YOC335 stepper motor drives x4
      Shenzhen Nowforever  Model D100S1R5B Spindle controller
      HJS-360-24 power supply
      Y00CNC Model M3-USB-JB4 motion controller card
      Lenovo R61 with USB2 running Windows 7 Enterprise edition
  I'm ok with replacing the motion card, but which one would be best to use with the rest of my hardware and software?  I'd rather not replace the stepper drives if I can avoid it.  I'm setting up a new business on a small scale here in Australia.and I want to get up and running without a lot of cost.  When I was in the USA, I owned a 1/3 part of a company for 10 years, and we had 2 USA built MultiCam 3000 series routers, so I'm very well versed in operation and repair of machines, but I'm not an electrician.
  What I'd like is a motion card that works, along with any add-ons, plugins, and any other parameters needed to get me going.  Also, a post processor for ArtCAM would be very helpful.
  So, any advice or help you can give would be hugely appreciated.

Robert Smith