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Author Topic: Tool lenght sensor macro / Probing interrupted  (Read 719 times)

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Tool lenght sensor macro / Probing interrupted
« on: April 20, 2018, 04:50:55 AM »
I am working on my automated tool length sensor and struggling with some errors which are not connected to my LUA script.

Within the M1005 macro I have added a lots of debugging messages to get a understanding what's going on. This is my log:
Code: [Select]
Home switch Z Home tripped!
Home switch X Home tripped!
Home switch Y Home tripped!
M1005 debug: initial check on probe contact: 0
M1005 debug: calculated StartHeight (-39) and StopHeight (-70)

M1005 debug: do the first probing with higher speed
G00 G80 G40 G49 G90
G00 G53 Z0.0
G00 G53 X307.0000 Y490.0000
G00 G53 Z-39.0000
G91 G31 Z-70.0000 F500.

Probing interrupted
M1005 debug: verify probe contact after quick approach: 1

M1005 debug: retract spinde
G91 G00 Z1.0000

M1005 debug: slow tool probe
G91 G31 Z-1.5000 F20.

M1005 debug: verify probe contact after slow approach: 1

M1005 debug: move spinde all the way up: G90 G00 G53 Z0.0

M1005 debug: Probed Z-Value: -107.4775 and calculated ZOffset: 0.12249999999999

Auto tool setting complete, Offset = 0.1225

Within the log there is a line saying "Probing interrupted". This line is actually NOT logged from my macro.

Is anybody able to explain where this message comes from and how I could find out why the probing has been interrupted there?