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Author Topic: Tool Length / Soft Limits - Questions  (Read 629 times)

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Tool Length / Soft Limits - Questions
« on: April 17, 2018, 09:28:26 AM »
Hi all,

I am really new to the CNC world and starting to learn how everything works together.

Currently I am trying to understand the tool lenght offset together with the soft limits and how they connected.

To figure out the tool length I am using the script provided in the LUA scripting manual with some changes to fit my machine and a fixed tool length sensor.
Soft Limits are configured to stop jogging close to the end positions in all axes.

With a tool offset of 0 that works really well - but lately I had the issue that I couldn't run the code and MACH complained that I command Z-axis beyond soft limits.
But sitting in front of the machine everything was fine and I can't see (except the tool length offset) why this would happen.

So from a work coordinate system I could travel up to +69 (which is also the soft limit Z=0 on machine coordinate system) then I commanded "G01 Z65" and get the message that I command beyond configured soft limits.

Funny as I can jog to that hight easily but not command to it.

I guess I have either some problems understanding how soft limits work or I did something wrong while setting the tool offset.

As I believe that soft limits only work with machine coordinates and not interfer with work coordinates there must be an issue with the offset field I am using.

As I would like to measure the tool offset based on a gauge line  - what field do I need to use to separate soft limits from the tool length offset?

Thanks for reading this long post and your suggestions!