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Hicon Integra Mach4 DRO
« on: April 10, 2018, 01:38:27 PM »

I'm using Hicon 7766 Plugin & Firmware 3663 and Mach4 Hobby on my old machine with very strong backlash. Yes I know, this should be solved on mechanical side, but I cann't do this and that's a reason why I'm assembling new milling machine. For this job I need my old machine. So the fact is: I'm working on bad machine with 0.2 mm backlash. Having bad expirience with one china product, I have ordered Hicon Integra. Well, this two products are not to compare. Hicon is a good piece of HW, has documentation, support, well done plugin and I'm very happy with this solution. Integra can compensate even such big backlash and the whole system is running smooth.

I have only one cosmetical issue. Forgot to say: my old machine is running with open loop  step motors. The DRO in Mach is showing positin inclusive backlash comensation. Example:

G01 x5   DRO= 5.1
G01 x0   DRO= -0.1
G01 X0   DRO= 0.1
end so on.

The movement of machine is exact, actual position will be 5, 0. 0. I tried to set feedback in plugin configuration on Load Enc etc. but this behavior stays. Is there any trick to get DRO without backlash compensation?

Re: Hicon Integra Mach4 DRO
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2018, 04:13:29 AM »

Has nobody such issue? Or my question is stupid? Well, it could be, but I will anyway like to know: is it possible to avoid incorrect position value (backlash compensation is compensation not movement). If yes, please tell me how. If not, then I would like to understand why.

Thanks a lot!