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Author Topic: Issues with special characters (like German ä,ö,ü) while opening files  (Read 1351 times)

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my MACH4 installation has issue using the right codepage/character sets and I am wondering if I it is possible to configure it somewhere.

Mainly I have two issues:

1. If I have a German special character (ä,ö or ü) within the filename, MACH4 is not able to open that G-Code file and I get the error message that the file could not be found.
2. When opening a G-Code file containing those characters they are replaced by some other characters within the "G Code" window. However - the editor, when clicking on edit code, works fine.

Anybody an idea if that is configureable somewhere or do I need to open an issue ticket?

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Issues with special characters (like German ä,ö,ü) while opening files
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2018, 12:43:08 PM »
UPDATE:--Its been a while since I have been on here as I mainly work with my mill in the winter time but fired it up for a project last night. I was needing to make a tool or jig to center some bolt holes I need to drill for a bearing housing for a shaft. I got the idea to mill out a tool to that would center where the old bearing carrier went, I am retrofitting a machine that had cast bearing carriers for the shaft to an actual flange type ball bearing. I needed to cut about a 2" circle relief to center the bolt holes from and when I generated the g-code for it, I made a light .5 mill cut on my first pass and realized I was about a 1/4" to small on my circle. This was the exact type of scenario for wanting the DRO for sizing or scaling. I did a little math and used my custom DRO to scale up the X, Y and cut the circle the size I needed without having to generate new g-code from the original drawing. As I stated before the version of mach 3 I started with had this feature and mach 4 does not. Anyway just wanted to leave a little feed back on this topic from an actual instance of needing it and how it worked out since creating the scaling feature in my mach 4 HMI.
Re: Issues with special characters (like German ä,ö,ü) while opening files
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You can use G51 to apply scaling or mirroring effects to your g code. Check out the g code programming manual (link below) for details on how to implement that feature. Mach4 follows industry standard much more closely than Mach3 and this method of scaling was used intentionally. The information on G51/G50 begins on page 43 of the g code programming manual.


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