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Author Topic: No X/Y Movement except Return To Zero. No Z except Return To Zero & Auto Tool?  (Read 1021 times)

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Thanks for taking a look at this.
We have a CNC Router Parts PRO4896 set up and running Mach3 version R3.043.066 on a Windows 7 laptop. We've never had any issues with this set up before.

I did a cut a couple weeks and ago and everything worked fine until it returned zero at the end of the cut. I couldn't get Mach3 to raise the Z to take the bit out of the router but didn't think much of it. Since then I cannot get Mach3 to move the gantry with the keyboard.

I can manually input coordinates into the X/Y/Z and use the "Go To Zero" button. I can also get the Z to move using the "Auto Tool Zero" with the puck.

I can not get the gantry to move with the arrow/number pad/page up-down keys.
I can't get the gantry to move to manually input coordinates with the "Go To" button.

I should mention I'm the "new guy" with this machine. So whatever answer or ideas you give will probably have to be dumbed down.



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Check that the Jog ON/OFF button (bottom centre of main screen) is turned ON (green surround).

Yes the Jog ON/OFF is "green".

Couple more clues. I can get the Z DRO to change with the Page Up/Down keys. I can get the X and Y DRO to change with the arrow keys. The gantry does not move though.

I took screen shots of all the main pages. See them here... https://imgur.com/a/nudEu