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Author Topic: Lathe Tool Table Setting Tools Help  (Read 2367 times)

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Lathe Tool Table Setting Tools Help
« on: January 11, 2018, 09:39:17 PM »
Couple of questions:

I used to have this whole procedure for setting new tools in my lathe. All by the book, I suppose. Now I think I've streamlined it. So my question is, is there anything wrong with doing it this way?

Here's what I do. Put in a new tool in my Tool Changer > Set T0101 for instance > Face Cut > Set Zero Fixture Z > Cut the OD of some stock > measure OD of stock just cut > Open Tool Table and adjust X numbers until DRO reads my Mic reading.

For tools other than 1 > Set T0202 bring tool to face until it touches but isn't removing material > open tool table and adjust Z numbers until DRO reads zero > cut OD > measure OD > adjust tool table X until DRO reads Mic reading.

Anything wrong with this procedure. I find it the easiest for me.

Another question, for the life of me I can't find any explanation of the Tip Dir in the tool table. I assume it means Tip Direction? Well what do the numbers represent.

Last question, I have a free spot on my tool changer Position 8. Well I plan on using multiple tools in that slot. How do I program for it? I assume that's what the Offset number in the tool code is for?

So would I put a tool in position 8 and set it's exact position as I outlined above and set it as T0808 > then setup another tool in position 8 as stated above then set it as T0809? And so on? would that work? I need to keep the same tool number as they physically correspond to my tool changer position.
Re: Lathe Tool Table Setting Tools Help
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2018, 07:14:48 PM »
No one has any answers?

I don't think the way I was doing it was correct. It might work for that one diameter that I cut, but once I move the tool it changes. Z is fine, but not X. Must have something to do with radius and diameter.

I wonder if I set T0101 and then cut some stock with T0202 and then use the Set X Offset and type the actual diameter in there?
Re: Lathe Tool Table Setting Tools Help
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2018, 04:46:09 AM »
Re: Lathe Tool Table Setting Tools Help
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2018, 04:59:25 PM »
Thanks. I've watched it several times. Doesn't really answer my questions.

I don't understand why directly changing the number in the tool table X for T0202 for the actual position it is in messes things up. Or why I can't take a cut, measure the part and input that into the Set X Offset button. I want more accuracy than touching a tool to a know piece of stock.
Re: Lathe Tool Table Setting Tools Help
« Reply #4 on: January 16, 2018, 10:24:36 AM »
Cartierusm: What does "DRO reads Mic reading" stand for in your post. The video on YouTube "LATHE TOOL OFFSETS Mach4 lathe" is for me off no use. I do not understand it. Your methode seems to me to be the most simple.
Re: Lathe Tool Table Setting Tools Help
« Reply #5 on: January 16, 2018, 02:26:52 PM »
@Clock, what I do is set up tool T0101 normally. Then I set T0202 and take a cut on a bar of steel > then I measure the bar of steel with micrometer > I then open up the tool table and adjust the numbers for X T0202 until the DRO in mach reads what I measured with my micrometer (mic). But this doesn't seem to work. It works for that ONE diameter, but once I move the tool the X is not correct, it's not linear it seems.

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Re: Lathe Tool Table Setting Tools Help
« Reply #6 on: January 16, 2018, 05:54:24 PM »
Don't know squat about Mach4 Lathe. Good grief would have thought that after 5 or 6 years they would have it done..........anyway!


Tool tip direction is used along with the tool tip radius for modifiying the controlled point location when applying left or right compensation. ( G40, G41, G42). Most gcode provided by CAM / CAD is precompensated these days.

For setting up a tool table suggest using  the master tool concept. There are a number of ways to populate the tool tabel and to each their owne. I personaly try to keep it simple and work in
Machine Coordinates since the X tool offset is in terms of radius and with the master tool controlled point set at X and Z=0 all the other tool offsets  will be based on the actual DRO readings.

For Mach3 I  use a tool screen wich allows me to populate the tool table via probing.
Very fast, extrenely accurate / repeatable and easy to use. Probably would be the first thing I would  desire  in Mach4 Lathe should I ever go there.

Re: Lathe Tool Table Setting Tools Help
« Reply #7 on: January 16, 2018, 06:01:24 PM »
One of the reasons you're not getting a lot of help on this is that there are very few of us using Mach4 with a lathe.  I'm just learning how to use the tool table so take everything I say for what you're paying for it.

I assume you are working in the 'diameter mode'.

I think I understand your method as that was how I started as well.  What I found was that after taking your micrometer measurement, as long as you had actually issued a t0202 command, so that that is the active tool and the active offset, you could, open the tool table and select the Tool#2 X cell and then enter the mic measurement in the lower left input box and hit the 'Measure' button.  Your X offset will change by half of the difference of what was expected and what was measured (tool table reflects radius offset) and the dro will now read the mic'd measurement.

This works for me.


Re: Lathe Tool Table Setting Tools Help
« Reply #8 on: January 16, 2018, 11:18:38 PM »
Thanks for replying, Rich and rhuttle. I need to digest what you both suggest. I understand though.
Re: Lathe Tool Table Setting Tools Help
« Reply #9 on: January 17, 2018, 06:24:10 PM »
WHAT A PITA!! Got it figured out. Hope this helps someone else.

First off, using the latest release. Clicking on Set X Offset doesn't work. It give some random number that doesn't relate to anything else.

Here is my procedure, it works and is very accurate.

1. MDI T0101 > Cycle Start > Set Home Referencing > Meaning turning the machine on and homing accurately where your starting position will always be. This involves using the Ref All Axes button so when you click Machine Pos Toggle both DROs read Zero.
2. Now Type Zero in Your DROs. (make sure you're not still in Machine Pos Toggle).
3. Open Tool Table > Zero out all fields in Tool Table - Might not be necessary, but because of some of the quirks in Mach 4 type 0 in the input box > Click on one of the fields and click Input > Close Tool Table.
4. Chuck up a piece of stock 1" in diameter or so.
5. Make a face cut with T0101 > Click Zero Fixture Z.
6. Bring your tool where you want to make a cut on the X axis > Take that X Dro reading and type it into the MDI (Example X DRO reads -4.456" - type MDI X-4.456) > make the cut along X > move tool clear and then move the cutter back to the X position you just cut with using the MDI you just did.
7. Measure the diameter with a micrometer > Open Tool Table > type in the input box your mic reading > click on the field for Tool 1 X > click the measurement button > Master Tool T0101 has been set.
8. Now type in the MDI and run it G53X0Z0 > the DRO reading for X is now your master number. So now when you ref home when first turning on the machine you will wait until it's done referencing and then type in the X DRO that Master number.

For other tooling:
1.   Use Bar Stock > Set T0101 > Face Cut > Zero Fixture Z.
2.   Set T0202 > Bring to face at 1 IPM slowly as you turn chuck by hand until it’s prefect. Lots of other ways to do this, I like this way.
3.   Open Tool Table and Click Set Z Offset.
4.   Move tool to where you want to cut > type X Coord in MDI > Make Cut on X > Move tool clear then move to previous X Position > Measure diameter with Mic.
5.   Open Tool Table > Type measurement in input box > Click on Tool X Field and click Measurement.
6.   Repeat for other tooling.

Hope that's clear.