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Author Topic: Mach3/PMDX-126 Port 2 Configuration for Spindle Control  (Read 1376 times)

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Mach3/PMDX-126 Port 2 Configuration for Spindle Control
« on: November 24, 2017, 11:45:20 AM »
I'm hoping this post is in the correct sub-forum.  I've got a project waiting that includes drilling and tapping about 50 holes using my floating tap holder.  The problem is I can't get the spindle to reverse direction.  My system is:

Win 7 64 bit
Mach3 version 062
PMDX-126 breakout board
PMDX-107 spindle control board
ESS with ESS-M3-170328-u4-f1-H plugin version

I have everything setup and all is working fine except the spindle will not reverse direction with a M4 command.  I've checked my configuration, tried other settings with no luck, reloaded Mach and purposely didn't save my configuration so that I wouldn't carry over a potentially incorrect parameter, and reloaded the ESS plugin.  Setup the ESS and 107 board per the PMDX documents and still no luck with M4.  If I enter a M3 command the spindle turns CW.  If I enter a M4 command the spindle turns CW.  Speed control works.  Ran several tests and it appears that the 126 board has a bad Port 1 Pin 14 relay (the LED does not light up).  If you want to see the tests I've gone through they are posted on another forum.  I will post the link if requested.  I've also posted on the PMDX forum but have not yet received a reply.  

As a work around I'm thinking I can use pins "B" and "C" at terminal J5 on the 126 board.  I've done the configuration and I do get pin "C" LED to light up with a M3 command and pin "B" lights up with a M4 command.  The problem is the Bob and ESS are not communicating with the 107 spindle board.  The only LED on the 107 board that is on is the Power On LED.  What settings, besides those that I made in Motor Outputs to get pins "B" and "C" to function, do I need to change to get the spindle control signals to the spindle control board?  I've attached my XML file and screen shots of my ESS configuration screens.

Thanks in advance for your help.