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Author Topic: Using output ports chosen for M3 and M4 signals to VFD to power 24v relay coil  (Read 1761 times)

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Hi, i have modified the standard 3 phase spindle motor on my Denford Easiturn with the addition of an independently powered 240v single phase electric fan in place of the shaft driven one to promote better cooling at low speeds. My question is , can i use the M3 or M4 output signal from the Integra to the VFD to also power the 24v  coil for the 240v relay to the electric fan or is this a bad idea?. what i'm aiming for is the fan to start up with the motor.
Many thanks

you will need to assign separate output for your fan.  you can override the M3/M4/M5 macros and turn on/off additional output for your fan.  not a good idea to use the same output to control the 240v fan.