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Author Topic: Can't calibrate tools for manual tool change  (Read 1588 times)

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Can't calibrate tools for manual tool change
« on: October 17, 2017, 10:29:30 PM »
I have not before attempted to do manual tool changes on Mach3Mill. I have had experience with other CNC machine controllers but I am finding that I cannot calibrate  tools with different lengths. First I switch to tool #1 by using "T1 M6"  on the MDI screen. Then, switching back to the Program run screen I set tool 1 to Z 0.0 by touching it on the surface of the work piece. Next, using "T3 M6" on the MDI screen I then place tool 3 into the chuck and touch it on the work piece surface using the Program Run screen. I then enter the displayed Z offset into the tool table using the field provided for tool 3 and push the "Accept" button.  If the calibration is successfull, I would expect that if the machine z axis is not changed, then switching between tools 1 and 3 should result in the z axis display changing by the amount of the offset entered in the tool table. When I change the tools, on the Run" screen, the tool number changes and the correct offset for that tool, is displayed but there is no change in the Z DRO.  I am of the impression that Mach3Mill is not using the offset value from the tool table.
 Also I am not able to use the "Offsets" screen because whatever I enter in the provided fields, reverts back to the original figures.

I think that there must be a setting which is not correct or I have a wrong understanding of how it works.

Any help would be appreciated.