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Author Topic: PMDX SmartBOB plug-in updated to 0.52.254, profile corruption fix, important  (Read 641 times)

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PMDX has released a new plugin that fixes a problem that
has plagued our users for a while. It did not affect all
systems, but did affect many of them. The source of the
problem was the PMDX plugin trying to use the Mach4 API
before Mach4 was done initializing. This could result in
machine.ini files being corrupted any time the PMDX plugin
was in the plug-ins folder under \Mach4Hobby\Plugins. This
problem could happen even if the SmartBOB was not selected
for use in the profile you were running because Mach4 asks
all plugins that are present to run their initialization
code so that Mach4 can populate the selection menus with
all the plugins that are available.

The most noticeable symptom of the problem would be altered
screen colors, but other more subtle configuration problems
could result because uninitialized data was getting written
to the machine.ini file.

If the toolpath area of your screen has a mustard/brown color
background instead of the default blue background, then you
have been affected by this problem.

For more details, including recommended recovery procedures,
please see out announcement here:


We apologize for the trouble and confusion this may have caused
for you. It sure caused us plenty.

Steve Stallings
Steve Stallings
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