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Author Topic: CNC plasma wont cut in a straight line  (Read 3764 times)

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Re: CNC plasma wont cut in a straight line
« Reply #10 on: December 19, 2017, 03:28:27 PM »
Can you post a copy of the GCode for the cut you have posted the picture of.

Also what velocity and acceleration are the motors set at.

after you run the cut, if you press GO TO ZERO , does it return to the same zero position (this will show if you are losing steps )

trying to eliminate the options...

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Re: CNC plasma wont cut in a straight line
« Reply #11 on: December 19, 2017, 04:54:45 PM »
Yes, it does go back to zero, See attached for acceleration etc. G code:

N0010 (Filename: DANS TEST CIRCLES and lines.tap)
N0020 (Post processor: A Eagle plasma FH.scpost)
N0030 (Date: 12/16/2017)
N0040 G20 (Units: Inches)
N0050 G53 G90 G40
N0060 F1
N0070 S500
N0080 (Part: DANS TEST CIRCLES and lines)
N0090 (Process: No Offset, 0, T1: 65 amp 16 gauge steel)
N0100 M06 T1  (65 amp 16 gauge steel)
N0110 G00 X0.7874 Y0.7874 Z1.0000
N0120 G31 Z -100 F19.685
N0130 G92 Z-0.2368
N0140 G00 Z0.1500
N0150 M03
N0160 G01 X0.7874 Y0.7874 Z0.0600 F150
N0170 G02 X0.7874 Y0.7874 I-0.0000 J0.7874 F240.0
N0180 M05
N0190 G04 P0.5
N0200 G00 Z1.0000
N0210 X3.4646 Y0.9449
N0220 Z0.1500
N0230 M03
N0240 G01 Z0.0600 F150
N0250 X1.8898 F240
N0260 Y2.2047
N0270 X3.4646
N0280 Y0.9449
N0290 M05
N0300 G04 P0.5
N0310 G00 Z1.0000
N0320 X3.7795 Y2.2047
N0330 Z0.1500
N0340 M03
N0350 G01 Z0.0600 F150
N0360 Y0.9449 F240
N0370 M05
N0380 G04 P0.5
N0390 G00 Z1.0000
N0400 X4.0945 Y3.1496
N0410 Z0.1500
N0420 M03
N0430 G01 Z0.0600 F150
N0440 Y0.0000 F240
N0450 M05
N0460 G04 P0.5
N0470 G00 Z1.0000
N0480 X2.9921 Y4.7033
N0490 G31 Z -100 F19.685
N0500 G92 Z-0.2368
N0510 G00 Z0.1500
N0520 M03
N0530 G01 X2.9921 Y4.7033 Z0.0600 F150
N0540 X1.7323 F240
N0550 Y5.3333
N0560 X2.9921
N0570 Y4.7033
N0580 M05
N0590 G04 P0.5
N0600 G00 Z1.0000
N0610 X2.8501 Y6.5826
N0620 Z0.1500
N0630 M03
N0640 G01 Z0.0600 F150
N0650 X2.8385 Y6.5764 F240
N0660 X2.8346 Y6.5701
N0670 Y9.0898
N0680 X2.8385 Y9.0961
N0690 X2.8501 Y9.1023
N0700 G02 X3.2926 Y9.1259 I0.2995 J-1.4572 F240.0
N0710 X3.4492 Y9.1023 I-0.0249 J-0.6971
N0720 G01 X3.4607 Y9.0961 F240
N0730 X3.4646 Y9.0898
N0740 Y6.5701
N0750 X3.4607 Y6.5764
N0760 X3.4492 Y6.5826
N0770 G03 X3.0066 Y6.6062 I-0.2995 J-1.4572 F240.0
N0780 X2.8501 Y6.5826 I0.0249 J-0.6971
N0790 M05
N0800 G04 P0.5
N0810 G00 Z1.0000
N0820 X2.5197 Y7.5150
N0830 Z0.1500
N0840 M03
N0850 G01 Z0.0600 F150
N0860 X1.5748 F240
N0870 Y8.1449
N0880 X2.5197
N0890 Y7.5150
N0900 M05
N0910 G04 P0.5
N0920 G00 Z1.0000
N0930 X0.7874 Y7.3575
N0940 Z0.1500
N0950 M03
N0960 G01 Z0.0600 F150
N0970 G02 X0.7874 Y7.3575 I0.0000 J0.4724 F240.0
N0980 M05
N0990 G04 P0.5
N1000 G00 Z1.0000
N1010 Y4.3884
N1020 G31 Z -100 F19.685
N1030 G92 Z-0.2368
N1040 G00 Z0.1500
N1050 M03
N1060 G01 X0.7874 Y4.3884 Z0.0600 F150
N1070 G02 X0.7874 Y4.3884 I-0.0000 J0.6299 F240.0
N1080 M05
N1090 G04 P0.5
N1100 G00 Z1.0000
N1110 X3.7795 Y9.0898
N1120 Z0.1500
N1130 M03
N1140 G01 Z0.0600 F150
N1150 Y6.5701 F240
N1160 M05
N1170 G04 P0.5
N1180 G00 Z1.0000
N1190 X2.3778 Y10.4326
N1200 Z0.1500
N1210 M03
N1220 G01 Z0.0600 F150
N1230 X2.3662 Y10.4240 F240
N1240 X2.3622 Y10.4150
N1250 Y12.3048
N1260 X2.3662 Y12.3138
N1270 X2.3778 Y12.3224
N1280 G02 X2.6616 Y12.3224 I0.1419 J-0.4202 F240.0
N1290 G01 X2.6732 Y12.3138 F240
N1300 X2.6772 Y12.3048
N1310 Y10.4150
N1320 X2.6732 Y10.4240
N1330 X2.6616 Y10.4326
N1340 G03 X2.3778 Y10.4326 I-0.1419 J-0.4202 F240.0
N1350 M05
N1360 G04 P0.5
N1370 G00 Z1.0000
N1380 X2.0472 Y11.0449
N1390 Z0.1500
N1400 M03
N1410 G01 Z0.0600 F150
N1420 X1.4173 F240
N1430 Y11.6749
N1440 X2.0472
N1450 Y11.0449
N1460 M05
N1470 G04 P0.5
N1480 G00 Z1.0000
N1490 X0.7874
N1500 G31 Z -100 F19.685
N1510 G92 Z-0.2368
N1520 G00 Z0.1500
N1530 M03
N1540 G01 X0.7874 Y11.0449 Z0.0600 F150
N1550 G02 X0.7874 Y11.0449 I0.0000 J0.3150 F240.0
N1560 M05
N1570 G04 P0.5
N1580 G00 Z1.0000
N1590 X2.9921 Y12.3048
N1600 Z0.1500
N1610 M03
N1620 G01 Z0.0600 F150
N1630 Y10.4150 F240
N1640 (Process: )
N1650 M05
N1660 G04 P0.5
N1670 G00 Z1.0000
N1680 M05 M30
Eagle Plasma 4' 8', THC, Floating Head, Powermax 65 W/ machine torch, IR 7.5HP  80gal.  24 CFM 2 Stage compressor. Windows 7 64bit, XYZ USB UC-100 Controller.
Re: CNC plasma wont cut in a straight line
« Reply #12 on: December 19, 2017, 07:42:11 PM »
Still nothing obvious,  sorry....

can you tell if it is effecting 1 axis only ?

try cutting/drawing some horizontal lines and then vertical lines separately, so only 1 axis is in use at a time.

I'm sure you have checked for mechanical "slack" in the system? and the floating head mechanism ?

bearings ? gantry is at 90 degrees to the long axis ( not crabbing as mentioned earlier)