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Author Topic: Z axis not performing as expected  (Read 651 times)

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Z axis not performing as expected
« on: July 03, 2017, 06:55:28 PM »
Hey everybody,
I'm attaching my profile hoping someone smarter than me will take a look at it and tell me where I"m going wrong.

I have 2 basic problems and I'm sure they're related:
1. when I use the "touch" function to auto zero the tool (I have a puck style plate), the tool moves down in Z, touches, and retracts to the parameters I've set, but it doesn't change the height read out. It just keeps whatever z height was in there.

2. After I've made the necessary adjustments to get the Z height correct, I press "Cycle start", the machine moves X and Y correctly to the starting point then Z either goes all the way up and hits my limit switch or buries itself into the work piece. 

Not sure where to start looking.  The documentation on the Mach support pages are basically useless as far as I can tell, unless I'm just looking in the wrong place.  Seems like the forums are the only place to get help.

Any Ideas??