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Sizing my parts
« on: June 21, 2017, 07:31:17 AM »
Hi, Several years ago our company built a router with Mach 3 controls. The person who is most familiar with Mach 3 is no longer with the company. I have 2 issues that I would like to straighten out. 
1 is big. When I program a part to be 4" x 4" it comes out 4.010 x 4.010. Is there a way to permanently fix this? I know some code but not an expert. I've read that I could scale the output but that may create more problems.
2: We have air triggered hold down clamps that we use and move out of the cutters path with M code. One part we make we flip the part over. To keep the part square and oriented correctly we have 3 air cylinders that we manually pop up and locate the part and then let down for machining. I would like to add this to the program which would mean they would have to stay up when the program ends. I'm not sure how to add this feature to the program or to the Galil controller. I know there are some master builders and programs that read these posts, any help will be appreciated. Thanks.