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ModuleWorks Feature Request
« on: June 01, 2017, 10:50:02 PM »
ModuleWorks Simulator Module.
ModuleWorks are fully responsible for everything related to this product.
This log is a Feature Request/improvement wish list.
If for users who would like to see modifications/changes/additions/features/fixes added to ModuleWorks Simulator please enter your wishes here.

To start off this is my current list.

Things that need to be done.
1)   Supply an operating Manual for users.
ModuleWorks will provide one once it has some user feedback on what they would like fixed and changed.
2)   Make the Parameters in the “Simulation Configuration” on the Cylinder maintain values entered on “Radius and Height”, currently they revert back and with the Z guessing the “Radius/Height” has to be changes 10 times as well.
3)   Provide an accurate way of setting up the Z Tool Height and not have to guess 10 times or more.
4)   Provide a sample G-Code that is exactly the same as the Picture provided on what the program can do on the Mach4 website and the "Simulation fields" to produce it.
5)   Provide all the “Simulation Fields” available.
        a.   There must be more, otherwise it would be impossible to replicate the Picture as shown on the website.
6)   Improve resolution for smaller cutters especially ball nose.
7)   Provide “Simulation Fields” for Tapered cutter D-Bits and Tapered Ball Nose if they exist.
ModuleWorks may introduce a Tapered Ball Nose “Simulation Fields”

Like to have

a.   4 Axis ModuleWorks simulations.
b.   If tapered ball nose and D-bit “Simulation Fields” do not exist then would like to see them added as many hobby users use them.
Make it suitable for Engravers/Carvers.
c.   Higher Resolution for carving and Engraving plus jewelry.


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Re: ModuleWorks Feature Request
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2018, 05:33:59 PM »
I've been using ModuleWorks Simulator (MWS) for awhile now. I really like what it does!! MWS gives a better cut view than both my CAM apps do.
I have just one one feature request (which was touched on in the previous post)...

The feature I request is "Auto Stock Creation": I think this could be easily achieved by having MWS grab the Mach4 Program Extents values, these would provide the basis for the stock. The only question after that would be "Height of top of stock" and this is just for those times where Z0 is not the top of the feature(s) being machined.
Having this feature would really make MWS easy to use.

Some other ideas would be to have a MWS Tool with text inputs for tool dia, height, etc. that override the M4 Tool Table. This would speed up single tool MWS usage and an easier/automated installer process that asks user "which profile name" to install to.

Thank you and great work ModuleWorks!!!